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 Loud Music.. Unlocked Come in if you want

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PostSubject: Loud Music.. Unlocked Come in if you want   Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:18 pm

Mikazuki entered her dorm room and plopped on the bed. She wondered if everyone was either going to ignore or be mean to her.. She read chapter 5 of her book and decided to play some music. She unpacked her ipod touch and the stereos. She put her ipod on it and turned it up so that All the right moves by one republic was playing. She laid on the bed and started daydreaming,

She was daydreaming her first day.
OOC: daydream mode= DDM, Out of DayDreamMode = ODDM
IC = DDM: She walked into the school and was greeted by a lot of students they took her to a dance hall and threw a welcome party. Then she was given a map She misread the map and ended up in a boy named Dante's room when.

IC: ODDM: She turned down the music because she felt her cell phone vibrating. "Should i tell them my problems or not. I don't want them to worry about me or freak out and bring me home. I guess i won't, time to fight my own battles." She thought with a smile. She picked up the phone and said hi mom..........
It was a long conversation before Mikazuki's mom hung up. She had told her mother everyone was treating her nice, that was a lie. Only one person had talked to her and been nice, the other just ignored or were mean to her. She didn't even know why she was staying. Something pulled her into this school she really thought it was homy. Even though the students didn't really give anyone a heartwarming experience.
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Loud Music.. Unlocked Come in if you want
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