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 moving in, stuped high-heels

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Sam DarkStar


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PostSubject: moving in, stuped high-heels   Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:50 am

it was a hot day with the sun shining brightly, Sam drove her car into the parking lot and parked her car, she got out, her goldeny-amber hair shined in the sunlight as her crystal gray eyes sparkled slightly, after getting out she get her bags out of the car before locking it, she pickd up her hevey bas and started to walk to her dorm,as she walked she nearly fell over, she com tinued walkin but as she toke another step her heel on her shoes brock and she fall over, as she out up she put her bags down and toke off her high-heels and carried them with her bags bear footed a cross the hot tarmake of the parking lot.
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moving in, stuped high-heels
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