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 Mitsuki's skills

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PostSubject: Mitsuki's skills   Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:28 pm

Name: Singing

Ability: Is not very open about it, does not sing in public unless in a choir. Does not know if anyone at the school knows she sings yet. Normally she only sings if in a group performance. Sings by herself in her room with door locked, but may occasionally leave the door unlocked if no one is around to hear. Others who have heard her think she is great.

History: Started singing when she was in the 3rd grade and fell in love with it. Loves music overall, so singing came naturally. Even though she doesnt think she is very good, she still sings regardless. Her favorite type of songs to sing to are pop, hip-hop, and country. She does know a few rock songs though. Won't sing infront of anyone unless shes in a group. Hopes that she can get enough training so that she can become a pro and make some money off her talent.

Name: Cooking

Ability: Doesnt openly show off her talent. So far has only cooked for family and close friends. Would like to start cooking possibly at the school. Loves to cook mostly sweet treats or baked goods. Entered a contest at mothers request and got second place. People find her baking very good.

History: She started cooking at a young age, helping both of her parent out in the kitchen. Being from two differnet cultures, she has a lot of experiance with different foods. Niether parents are pro but have cooked for a long time and choose to share the skill it with their child. She has always had a thing for cooking, but has never let food take control of her. She looks for new and intersting ways to make her creations healthy and tastey.
Name: Photography

Ability: No one knows that she loves to take pictures. She enjoys mostly taking pictures of nature scenes, but sometimes takes pictures of people when they arent paying attention, so that she gets a more natural look. She takes pictures in her spare time and hasnt really decided what to do with her work so far. When she doesnt carry her professional camera around she carries a disposible one for quick pics. Even though she loves to take them, she hates being in pictures. Is doing very well and takes good pics.

History: She just picked up a camera one day and saw the world in a different way. Colors were brighter, things came into focus, and it was beautiful. She has been doing it ever since.
Name: Dancing

Ability: Does not dance in front of anyone. But does do a little dancing at parties or at a dance if the right music is on. Not good at slow dancing, she does do hip-hop dancing and a little bit of dirty dancing. Does not know what to do with this skill.

History: Was in gymastics for five years and then found some good points to it. Since she is pretty flexible she finds it easier to do dirty dancing than any other form. She has seen many performances and found dancing very intersting. Does not know if she will do anything with her skill though. Thinks she is average when it comes to dancing.

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Jace Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: Mitsuki's skills   Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:43 pm

Okay, just one thing. To what extent do her skills reach? Like for example singing, using anything from the variety of good adjectives, how is she? Is she amazing, average, great, okay, awesomely brilliant, ect.

Just add a sentence or two like that into each of the skills and I'll approve it.
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Mitsuki's skills
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