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 Dont Drown... -open topic-

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Philomena De Barge


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PostSubject: Dont Drown... -open topic-   Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:53 am

It was about time! Philomena had just gotten to the school yesterday and she had spent what seemed like forever trying to find the Indoor Pool. She had quickly slipped in to her bathing suite and jumped in to the pool. Philomena swam a couple laps before leaning against the edge of the pool and then diving under and sitting at the bottom of the pool.

While she was under there she kinda hoped that since she had a two pieced bathing suite that her top wouldn't float up or something. That would be embarrassing especially since there would be other students around to see it.

She swam back up to the surface and gasped for air. Philomena grabbed on to the edge and took another big breath then dived under again.

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Sophia Stewart


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PostSubject: Re: Dont Drown... -open topic-   Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:31 pm

Sophia walked into the pool. God it's crowded in here! She felt a bit awkward walking there all alone in her bathing suit...

Then her eye caught a girl that sat on the bottom of the pool. She looked just as new here as she was. She decided to swim to the girl to try to make a friend.

She dived into the pool strongly hoping that the top of her bathing suit wouldn't lift. Otherwise she would make a terrible impression on her first day.

The girl went under water again and Sophia had almost reached her. She was now very near the girl. She decided to go for an original first impression so she dove under and sat on the bottom of the pool as wel.
She waved at the girl that was staring at her.
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Dont Drown... -open topic-
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