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 Template ~dorm~

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Zack Lancaster
Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: Template ~dorm~   Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:48 pm

This is the template to use for all droms. Before saying that someone is rooming with you, make sure they agree, and as proof, have them reply in your creation topic.


[b]Room Number:[/b] (The number on the dorm door. Bear in mind that odd numbered dorms are singles and evens require a roomie. Students must have an 'A' before the number, the first digit indicates what floor your room is on, ex. A245 indicates a student dorm on the second floor. Teachers follow the same principle only with a 'B' instead.)

[b]Decor:[/b] (The color scheme, any furniture inside, etc.)

[b]Roommates:[/b] (Who lives in the room with you? Only include this if you have an even numbered dorm.)

[b]Privacy:[/b] (Do you have deadbolts on the door? Is it always unlocked?)

[b]Traffic:[/b] (Do you always have friends over? Do you always have lovers over? How often are epoeple there and why?)
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Template ~dorm~
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