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 Kassidy's Time Table

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Kassidy Leyden

Kassidy Leyden

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PostSubject: Kassidy's Time Table   Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:22 am

Grade - 11th Junior

Period 1
Teacher -Ms. Ikaritama
Subject Type- P.e
Subject - Dance
Class Number - 05
Difficulty - Easy if students just take the time to be creative and listen.
Grade - All
Appeal - dancing is fun and it keeps you fit

Period 2
Teacher - Alicia Collin
Subject Type - Math/English/Social Studies
Subject - ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)
Class Number - Vocational—classes are to be held in the Computer Lab
Difficulty - It’s easy, but only if you study hard and try your hardest.
Grade - All
Appeal - Computing is fun and you can learn alot

Period 3
Teacher - Makai Kasai
Subject Type - Science
Subject - Biology
Class Number - 30
Difficulty - Biology is not an easy class it is difficult and only should be taken by those whom wish to challenge themselves or just enjoy Biology and are good at it.
Grade - All
Appeal - it can be boring but you do learn alot and it will be an interesting subject to learn

Period 4
Teacher -Miranda Yale
Subject Type - Art
Subject - Film
Class Number - 06
Difficulty - Medium-difficulty, although if extra work is done, it will be a lot easier.
Grade - All
Appeal - it would be great for kassidy to try somthing differnt and learn a new skill and i think she will enjoy it

Period 5
Teacher - Kira Koga
Subject Type - Math
Subject - Algebra 2
Class Number - 39
Difficulty - Easy but, you have to do the work!
Grade - Junior
Appeal - lets just say maths is boring but it is somthing everyone has to know and you never know it might be fun

Period 6
Tecaher - Mr. Marco Stroem
Subject Type - Science
Subject - Chemistry
Class Number - 29
Difficulty - Easy if you work hard.
Grade - Junior
Appeal - you get to fo cool experaments

p.s sorry i didt know how to put links on
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PostSubject: Re: Kassidy's Time Table   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:18 am

For providing links, you simply have to do

[url=http://www.linkhere.com]Description of the link here[url].

Thank you for putting the class description instead because you didn't know, though. Approved.
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Kassidy's Time Table
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