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 Marie-Élise's french bistro

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PostSubject: Marie-Élise's french bistro   Sat Sep 25, 2010 10:46 am

Mikazuki entered the restaurant. She was seated at a table for 2 and she started flipping through the menu's. As she flipped through she was thinking of her money and the fact that people think she's spoiled but if they lived with her they would know for a fact she's not spoiled rotten. She started of with an apetizer of crab cakes. She picked a random number. Number 12 it wasnt much of a french meal but she ordered it anyway she ordered a buffalo wrap w/breaded chicken tenders inside covered with buffalo sauce and french fries. At least the word french was in it. The food was delivered to her.

She got her mind off of the money topic and took a bite out of her wrap. She started planning her day. When she finished she would go to her dorm and call her parents. But after that what would she do. Maybe wonder the dorm rooms. She flipped a coin to see which gender dorm rooms she would be wondering about for the day. Heads for girls tails for boys. It landed on tails. After that she figured she could watch a movie eat out or go swimming. She wanted this day to be a busy day.
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Marie-Élise's french bistro
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