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 Needing a 'Friend'

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PostSubject: Needing a 'Friend'   Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:50 pm

Cyuria walked in the library she was not happy to be here......

She glanced around this was where girls who didn't have boyfriends hung out to pass the time.she wasn't being mean to girls who didn't have boyfriends cause to be honest she didn't have one herself...but that doesn't mean she hasn't hooked up with anyone...Well yeah it did,she wasn't exactly old enough to do more than make out and most avaliable guys were older than her....

Anyway she was here for her mothers stupid reasons that she needs to study more and make new 'decent friends' So she was here only because she feared her parents making her drop out of this school and go to an all girls school....And really what was worse than that for a girl....

She nodded a greeting to people if they did and just walked looking at books or pretending to but she was really scouting out guys even if they were a little 'Smart' that might mean they were above all the Football players who didn't want to go out with her because she was younger....

She had even extra curled her naturally curly soft Blue hair (It was naturally curly not naturally blue)
And put on an extra short skirt today.....
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Needing a 'Friend'
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