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 Kuzomo, Glacies Tatsumi

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PostSubject: Kuzomo, Glacies Tatsumi   Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:23 pm

Vital Statistics:


Name: Glacies Tatsumi Kuzomo.
Age/Grade: Junior - 17.
Gender: Female.
Height: Five foot and six/seven inches.
Weight: 110lbs.

Overall ; Glacies, called by family members, a female version of her passed away father. Her hair is the mixed colour of enough blue and green, giving it that almost sea blue-green appearance. Exactly like her hair, she carries the same type of colour towards her eyes. These don't come from her father, they skipped over her mother and appeared in Glacies. They came from her great grandfather. The style of her hair cut is that it is very short in the back, although her side bangs are long and go past little of her shoulders. They're normally laying in front of her, not behind and laying on her back shoulders. A simple addition to Glacies, is that she wears a red heart on a golden necklace. A memento of her passed away sister.

School ; When school rolls around, Glacies - even though she doesn't like wearing it - wears her school uniform. Making it that of a white shirt that has no sleeve's per se. The shirt has white cloth wrapping around her upper shoulders so that it's not a sleeveless shirt. On top of the shirt, Glacies wears a black vest, or sometimes a soft black jacket. Adding to the hatred. Glacies has to wear a ruby, crimson red skirt - and finally some simple black shoes.

Street Clothes ; There are two types of clothes that Glacies may not wear while in school. One of them is a almost Gothic look It is a black dress with almost a corset around the waist area while there are small strips that go over her shoulder to keep it from being a strapless dress. The dress goes down to her knees, acting like a frilly like black dress. she wears black dress shoes that tie up with black ribbon until a little passed her ankles. The other clothes that she might be seen in, are a bit - well maybe not a bit different. But they really are strange. Glacies wears a mix between black and a dark gray shirt. Around the waist area of the shirt are what could be a thousand belts wrapped around her stomach area, between just below the breast area until where the hips start. Glacies pants are then midnight raven blue poofy pants until they hit around the shin area, where there are again many belts wrapped around her shins. The pants over up the black boots that she wears.

Formal ; Maybe so, or not there are any type of formal events around the school area or the school hosting it. Glacies normally would wear a midnight raven blue kimono with white Sakura petal design to it. the Wrapped around the waist area is a white piece of cloth tied around in the back. Under the white cloth, there is a almost silk like red cloth wrapped around. The type of shoewear that Glacies would have to wear is traditional Japanese sandals.


Sexuality: Heterosexual ; Glacies does allow people know that she's only interested in males, like any other teen girl. Although, she tends to become nervous around certain males that may catch her attention.
Preferences: Sometimes it's the way a male may bite on her neck, or just the way they hold her. To make her feel protected and loved.
  • Music.
  • Playing the Piano.
  • Reading.

  • Meaningless War.
  • People to treat others like a piece of nothing.
  • Being Cold.

Back story:

History: It had been snowing, a light fluffy snow storm that was passed throughout Japan. That night, a female child was born with strange colour hair. A almost raven blue hair, that was strangely mixed with blue highlights that were mixing together to make a sea blue-green type of hair. The Japanese family named her Glacies. Meaning Snow, or Ice.

While she was young, Glacies loved music. It seemed as if it ran through her blood. And it did. Her mother loved to write music for the Piano. The same type of instrument that Glacies started to play when she was younger. Glacies was the younger sister of a blond woman named Saki. Saki loved to teach her little sister how to play simple tones, or ones that were slightly hard for a nine year old child.

Saki was only seventeen year old, who had a loving boyfriend. One that was very fond of Glacies. He always said that she was the little sister, that he never had, or will never have. Although, years went by and Glacies started to hear her mother and father arguing with Saki about having a boyfriend like she does now.

Because that Glacies always heard this, the way she played music at a private school became a bit dark - and it continued as she heard her parents argue all night long. At one point, the school called the Kuzomo family and explained to her parents about what was going on. They started to worry about Glacies, and less and less about Saki.

Although, Saki noticed the reason why Glacies wasn't like herself anymore. So, on the thirteen birthday of Glacies, Saki was twenty-one, while her boyfriend was now twenty-two. This, this truly changed Glacies out look upon different things in life.

Saki and her boyfriend had taken Glacies out into the city for a day of fun. Even though Saki's parents were against it. But allowed it due to Glacies pleading with them. Although, there had been a gang fight near by. One of the leaders had taken Glacies due to her being frail and powerless against something like this.

It seemed that Glacies' family had been family friends with the leader's parents. And didn't fight back against this. Although, Saki had tried to take her little sister back. But instead she had been shot and killed. Glacies wasn't herself after that, neither was her old boyfriend.

Years had gone by, and more and more heart had been sent into her music. It seemed that Glacies had her sister continue to live through the music. Her parents noticed everything about now their only daughter was changing. And sent her to a private Academy that they were going to send Saki to when she was younger, but didn't.

The academy was known as Whisper Hallow Academy. Glacies had started as a Freshman there almost two years ago. While at the academy, she mainly focused on her music for the first two years. It wasn't until Saki's ex-boyfriend had came to teach did she learn to live out side of her music life sometimes.

Glacies became close to Cecil, Saki's old boyfriend. He tends to be protective of her, now making her his little sister. Glacies too, in return is protective of her new Onii-sama. A few weeks after Cecil came to the Academy - she had gotten a small fluffy white ball puppy that was a Siberian Husky from Cecil.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuzomo, Glacies Tatsumi   Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:45 am

The pictures should go under appearance and if you wouldn't mind fixing the grammar issues throughout your app it would make it easier to understand. I think you're trying too hard to make it sound good. Everything until your history sounds alright.
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Kuzomo, Glacies Tatsumi
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