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 Lachchu - Camelot College

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Shahrukh Kapoor

Shahrukh Kapoor

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PostSubject: Lachchu - Camelot College   Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:04 pm

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It’s the 21st Century and for a long time the town of Camelot have been quiet until the college was built then the town became rather noisy full of kids, teenagers and fun of any sort.

This Town used to be a kingdom where there was once a man called King Arthur who ruled other, now this town passes the story down from generation to generation of this town that was once a kingdom. When new students start college on their first day they are about to meet a college full of students who are no doubt either too upright and look down their nose or welcome you not caring about who you are.

For these new students are the reborn of the past though they don’t remember it (Nor ever will) what’s going to happen to them. When they meet the pair of best friends who are the rulers of the college and students, will they help out or not?

Much to the dislike of the Teachers of the college one thing is certain in this college there will always be two sides of it. But besides being christian or hindu they don't jugde.

Gang no. 1 called the Bichoos, while Gang no. 2 is called Eagles. The Bichoo gangleader is Mordred, while the Eagles are led by Rahul. They fight constantly which is one of the reasons that they have made it so high classed.

But besides that they may not show their hatred towards the other but everyone knows that if you pick a fight with one side they will make you an enemy except for a few reasons of course. Each side will always abide the rules but outside the college who knows what could happen so pick wisely.

Whether the conflict ever ends nobody is sure.
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Lachchu - Camelot College
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