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 Maria Challis

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Maria Challis

Maria Challis

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PostSubject: Maria Challis   Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:44 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Maria Challis
Age/Grade: 15/Freshman
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: 51kg
Appearance: Maria has natural gingery strawberry-blonde-ish hair, which she tends to keep short (usually in a pixie cut). This is to avoid fuss, as to her, there's not enough time to be dilly-dallying with hair when there's a world of adventure outside. This also applies for her fashion-sense, which is usually a pair of jeans, whatever shoes she can find, and any old t-shirt. Unlike the majority of girls nowadays, she opts not to dye her hair or wear makeup and jewellry, going for the natural look. Because of her high-ish metabolism, she's just a tad skinny, with a small frame, yet is slightly taller than average for her age-group within girls. Another aspect would be her quite pale skin, which her parents often refer to, consistantly cracking jokes about her alikeness to ghosts. Her eyes are a bright green colour, which is fairly common within her family.


Sexuality: Although Maria hasn't really had the oppurtunity to go out with anyone as of late, but judging by her past crushes, she believes she's straight.
Preferences: She's not too picky, just as long as they have a good personality, and are loyal to everyone and her. However, a good jawbone never hurts...
Likes: Family, friends, music, nighttime, exploring, boys.
Dislikes: Arrogance, dishonesty, cheating, bullying, awkward silences.

Back story:

History: Maria was born in the UK. She was brought up in a family of four, consisting of both parents and older (by 2 years) brother. Generally speaking, she had a fairly normal childhood compared to the other kids she knew... her parents weren't divorced, her brother was still a pain, but surprisingly comforting, and she wasn't exactly living in poverty.

However, she wasn't exactly rich either. Her parents managed coping, with her dad working full-time at the local primary school, and her mother at home, doing the household chores, and often taking care of Maria's grandparents. Their house wasn't too big, but neither too small. Sure, she had to share a bedroom with her older brother (Adam), until the age of 6, and the kitchen wasn't half as big as they wanted it to be, but it was OK.

Academically, Maria usually succeeded at a high-standard in the core subjects like English or Maths, yet struggled with the more creative tasks, like art, for example. PE wasn't exactly her forte, either. Being in the top 10 in her class, she was favoured by her teachers. Although with her peers she was hardly as enthusiastic. She was a fairly timid girl, and wasn't quite the person who'd socialize lots. This said, she managed to get along with a few of the children, mainly being girls.

As she grew older, her parents decided to send her away to America* to a boarding school by the name of Whisper Hallow. Why not somewhere closer, in England? Because, apparently this school was said to be of a high quality of education, and where she lived, this was rare. Her parents only wanted the best for her, and sent her to live with her Auntie Sue (who had lived in America for 6 years) until she could go to the boarding school.

As for the future at Whisper Hallow? That's an entirely different story.

*I'm guessing it's set in America, with the grading systems and whatnot, however, I'd gladly change this, if otherwise.

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PostSubject: Re: Maria Challis   Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:01 pm

*That's a pretty safe assumption. No need to change it. Smile

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Maria Challis
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