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 Reason Unknown *Open*

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PostSubject: Reason Unknown *Open*   Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:14 pm

Mikazuki walked a little into the park and found a good low tree to sit under the shade in and hide herself. It was really cold so she snuggled into her jacket and put her head down..

She didn't know why she was so down lately it was sad that nobody knew, however it was because she hadn't told anyone. She thought to herself, If i told anyone how would they be able to help if i don't even know why i'm sad.

She was just going to have to stay sad until she found out why that was, She pulled out her cellphone and scrolled through. The only contacts were people from her old schools, people that were completely fake. She didn't want the drama and she put it down. A tear snuck out of her eyes and rolled down her cheek, she put her head down knowing this was going to become a crying session.
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PostSubject: Re: Reason Unknown *Open*   Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:18 pm

Yuri strolled into the park and saw a nice tree to sit by and eat lunch, so she walked over and stood, then she realized there was someone there but the girl didn't seem to object to her presence or not that Yuri could tell, so she sat down beside her, the girl scrolled through her phone then put it down, which Yuri had done many times before, she knew that sadness as well, it had haunted Yuri forever, it was a sadness you couldn't quite explain to someone a sadness no one understood, exept someone who was going through it or had gone through it themselves, She also realized what the girl was doing scrolling through her phone wanting to call someone but didn't want to really talk to anyone in peticular, she had done the same thing when she had been so sad, she had never really told anyone why she was so sad all the time, she just covered it up with flirting and short skirts, they were her mask to the world, she couldn't show her true feelings to the world, so she wore a mask acted like she didn't care about anything or anyone but that was so far from the truth...

A tear fell down the girls cheek and Yuri felt a pain for her, she didn't know what to do she hadn't even said anything to her, how could she comfort her if she didn't know what was wrong?

She hesitated but put her hand on the girls shoulder and said gently "Are you ok?"
She continued "What's wrong?"
She really felt bad for her even though she didn't know her at all..

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Reason Unknown *Open*
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