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 [:.Industrial Art Teacher.:][:.Clynar Mujyl.:]

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Clynar | 破壊する


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PostSubject: [:.Industrial Art Teacher.:][:.Clynar Mujyl.:]   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:13 am

Vital Statistics:
Name: Clynar Mujyl [“Cl-eye-n-are, Moo-j-eel”]
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 185 Lb
Appearance: Clynar is about 6' 5" and 185 pounds. He has Shiny purple, medium length, reaching to about just under his eyes. His eyes is a pure red color.. His overall skin color is a little lighter than tan, but in the certain light, looks purely tan. Moving down, He wears a very nice dress shirt with the collar sticking up, looks better that way. Over that, Cly wears a red to a maroon tie, that's usually loose fitted and black jacket with silver trimming. Last few things are that he wears nice dress pants, socks and shoes.

Employment Qualities :
Regularity: Full-time
Position(s): Industrial Art Teacher
Professionalism: Cool and calm. Down to earth and acts like one of the students at times, though still gets things done.

Relations :
Sexuality: Straight
Fetishes: Great Legs *whistles*
Likes: Loner Girls. Mechanics, woodworking (outside of school)
Dislikes: Pennies

Back Story:
Clynar was born in the city hospital. The birthing rooms were full with all sorts of couples. All nursing staff and the baby delivering doctors were all filled to the top with work. Only getting a break when walking to the next patient. The hallways were frantic and papers flew everywhere. The nurses were tending to the patients that were waiting for a doctor to arrive and help them.

”Where the hell is the doctor!!!”

A woman cried out as she went into labor. He contractions where very close and the baby was almost there. Her husband left the room and yelled for a doctor. Nurses rushed in after he cleared the way and stood at his wifes side. The doctor hurried in and got the preparations underway. Everything was hectic. The birthing woman who whos and he he’s mixed with the tension of the labor. The man’s hand was in pain from being squeezed. He used his other hand to cover hers.

”Come on Beautiful. The baby is almost out. You are doing great!’

30 minutes later a handsome little boy popped out of the newly made mother. They decided on naming him Clynar, Clynar Mujyl. Cly was born weighing 6 pounds and at a height of 1’ 1”. After 2 weeks in the hospital, the mother was able to go home with clynar. The house was clean, spotless was more like it. Father had gone home earlier to make the house this way. The baby room was fully decorated. Cartoon wallpaper, a crib with a mobile on it, and a change table with toys in its drawers, what more could a baby want?

”Welcome home Clynar. I hope you like it.”

The mother walked in slowly and laid clynar in his crib. He had been asleep the whole drive home, little guy was plum tuckered out.

[Time Skip]

It was the first day of high school for Clynar. It was raining and most of the other students were wearing plastic bags over their bodies, pulling in their umbrellas, and moving slowly to find their classes. He shook his head in disappointment. Has it really came to the point where humans are so afraid of getting wet they wear garbage bags around themselves? This question he wondered as he shifted through the crowd to his first class. The first class of the day was woodshop. The room was full of sanders, saws, work benches, claps, and more.

”hm… maybe it won’t be so bad….”

Clynar walked down the front steps and made his way to a bench. So far only he was in the classroom and the teacher in his office. He held his head low and waited to see who all flocked into this room. Shortly after more students filled the area. In total there were about 12 students, including clynar. The teacher walked out of his office as the bell ring. This man was aged, maybe in his 40’s or 50’s, either ay he was close to retirement.

[Time Skip]

It was graduation night at the school. The actual ceremony though was happening at the church down the street. The ceremonial hall was silent with the exception of the principle calling students down. Everyone in the audience was smiling and crying with happiness. It came time for clynar to step down to the pedestal and get his diploma. His parents were on the right side of the sitting area and were cry a lot, well his mother was. CLynar looked at his principal, shook his hand and took his diploma.

”Thank you sir.”

He stepped down and went back up and sat in his seat again. The rest of the night was full of name calling, parties and se for the couples. Cly walked around the city and went home about midnight. He hadn’t really made any friends nor did he have a girl friend.

[Time Skip]

”Welcome to the Teaching staff Mister Mujyl”

”Thank you Sir. Glad to be a part of it.”
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Jace Cullen


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PostSubject: Re: [:.Industrial Art Teacher.:][:.Clynar Mujyl.:]   Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:38 pm

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[:.Industrial Art Teacher.:][:.Clynar Mujyl.:]
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