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 Unpacking (OPEN TO ALL)

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PostSubject: Unpacking (OPEN TO ALL)   Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:09 pm

Yuri walked in on her crutches,time to unpack she thought...
She started opening boxes but wasn't completly paying attention to where things went and ended up putting her shirts on a shelf on the wall instead of pictures she said "Dang where's my head?" She sighed at herself as she reorganized she hummed a sad tune but wasn't totally sad just wishing she had someone to share her life with she had not made alot of friends but had made a few.she had already broken her ankle and then here she was she laughed at herself...She was really weird she thought,crazy blue curly hair deep blue eyes that reminded her family of the ocean,frayed denim short and a blue tank top,her hair braided in one long thick braid,she didn't often braid it but she did today,her long nails were all different colors green blue silver red and then the thumb was gold on both hands same pattern.
she saw all her heels and sighed she wouldn't be able to wear any of them for a while...until her broken ankle healed anyway.

She wished someone would knock on her door -anyone- to distract her from the task at hand.
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Unpacking (OPEN TO ALL)
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