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 Saizo's Skills

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PostSubject: Saizo's Skills   Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:44 am

Name: Acting

Ability: Saizo is semi famous for his acting, having played Carl in his school's production of 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. He is an excellent actor who can come up with an improv subject under a minute's time.

History: Saizo has had a natural acting ability that he probably inherited from his mother.


Name: Math

Ability: Saizo is a genius in math, but due to his constant procrastination and drawing in class, he doesnt do so well in math class unless he were to put great effort into the class. His ability is incredible, but motivation is zero. Because of this, people constantly ask him to help them on their homework or do it for them.

History: Saizo has always had a knack for math, but his loss of motivation kicked in at the age of eleven


Name: Science

Ability: Saizo is a science enthusiast and puts hard work into his science classes, making him an ideal science student. He has great scientific potential and skill. People often ask him help in science, but on a rare occasion, Saizo may not remember the subject at hand and have a tough time.

History: Saizo was always interested in science ever since he was a child.


Name: Drawing

Ability: Saizo is an above decent artist, and will often spend his free time drawing people or places. He has potential to have greatness artistically, but he has pretty far to go. He constantly draws anime characters which puts off a nerdy vibe.

History: Saizo worked hard to gain his artistic ability, and drew for many many years to gain his current ability


Name: Writing

Ability: Saizo is a skilled writer, using vocabulary in his writing assignments which either college students are leaning or words which haven't been used in a while. He often writes fantasy stories, or even songs when bored. He is pretty good in this aspect. People respect him for this amazing trait.

History: Saizo has always been a great writer, but he has just emerged into his writing world and still has to learn more about writing.


Name: Singing

Ability: Saizo was made pretty popular in his school for his singing role in his middle school's production of Spelling Bee last school year. Saizo has an amzing singing voice that came with puberty, but he still has a childish tone to it, but its a scarce trace of the childish voice. He is really good at singing, but he doesnt like singing in public much, unless its in a play.

History: Saizo always had a fascination with listening to music,but he got into music fully when he met a senior from his towns high school, who taught him how to sing, and even hung out with for a while. Saizo inherited this senior's lucky black fedora, symbolic of their friendship.
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PostSubject: Re: Saizo's Skills   Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:28 pm

Hmmmm, alright good enough, it's nice to see flaws in your character's talents.

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Saizo's Skills
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