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 Samantha's Dorm.

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Samantha Paige

Samantha Paige

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PostSubject: Samantha's Dorm.   Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:09 pm

Room Number: 41

Decor: The bedroom walls are a light green the ceiling is white the floor is a light hardwood floor,with a dusty green rug at the foot of her bed,there is a small nighstand on each side of the queen sized bad one has a white round lamp,and the other holds all of her magazines and books,there are three drawers on each nightstand. the bed is made of the same light oak that the nightstands are and had white posts,the headboard it plain oak as well,she has a large plant next to the nightstand by the wall. and a large window to the right of the bed and a door that leads to a small patio since she's on the side of the dormatory (Hope that's ok)
The bathroom is plain,it has a large shower stall and bathtub,the walls have wallpaper that is white with dashes of pastel colors,the vanity sink has simple wood cabinets and a white counter top.she has a fern plant beside the tub. the bathroom conects to the bedroom on the left side of the bed.
there is a door beside the bathroom door that leads to the kitchen area it's rather small with dark green walls and white cabinets the stove and burner are beside the cabinets on the far right (It's not in the picture) and there's a small table and chairs they're white,there's a window above the sink,white selves on the left wall,hardwood floors are light oak again,there's another dining area that is conected to the kitchen (No door just attached) it has the same floors but the wall is gray
(accent wall against the dark green of the kitchen) with darker gray drapes on the two windows,a simple white sofa with red and white throw pillows and a table beside it that's white with white chairs.
you enter the bedroom when entering.

Privacy: Door is ALWAYS unlocked when she's in,locked with a deadbolt when she's out.

please approve!
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PostSubject: Re: Samantha's Dorm.   Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:54 pm

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Samantha's Dorm.
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