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 Practice Makes Perfect [Open]

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Cissinei Renaldo

Cissinei Renaldo

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PostSubject: Practice Makes Perfect [Open]   Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:47 pm

The room, silent. The silence itself, beautiful. 

There sitting near the wide window in the corner of the spacious music room was Cissinei. Her orange eyes were dancing along the designs and features of the school grounds and the amazing blue sky above while her hands were preoccupied with another task. As her lips were gently pressed against the cold but sparkling silver instrument it gave a high sound like the sudden ring of the finest bell. After a few seconds of the one note as a warm up Cissinei began to continue in an interesting turn of notes as the room began to fill with vibrant light sounds coming from the flute in which she was playing. Her poise was nearly perfect in her chair as her fingers glided ever so properly along the intruments. She did mess up once or twice along the practice run but continued still and corrected herself along the way so that the same mistake did not happen again. When she finished the first short song she set her arms down and the flute flat across her lap as took a minute or so to regain her natural breathing. Once her short break was over and she was set she reached into the open flute case that lay by her feet on the floor and pulled from it a few sheets of music. Setting them standing up against the windowsill she set the flute to her mouth, once again in position and again the room sounded with musical harmony.
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Practice Makes Perfect [Open]
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