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Remember to put all your creations into a Completed Character topic!
Once your Completed Character has been approved you may begin RPing!

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PostSubject: FAQ   Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:04 am

I've been seeing some certain questions popping up more than once, so here's a FAQ for this website.

For Beginners:

Can I roleplay before my Completed Character form is approved?
Do you see that little scrolling thing that I have no idea how to change? It tells you the answer--YOU MUST HAVE IT APPROVED BEFORE YOU RP.

Must I have all the forms in? What if my character can't own a car?
At the bare minimum, you must make at least three forms (character, dorm, and schedule). The rest aren't mandatory, but it gives your character more spice for the roleplay. You can always create these after your Completed Character form (which is your fourth form) is approved, though the new forms must be approved by an admin.

Do I really have to use this tektek format? Also, does my character HAVE to be wearing a school uniform?
The answers are yes and yes.

Sorry, we have been using a tektek format since the beginning, and just making you use another one will make you stand out like a sore thumb. Before complaints begin, we have been using tektek since the beginning and truthfully I don't see why it's a problem. True, Gaia avatars aren't exactly good at capturing the best of details, but this is just your avatar. If you want to show a more detailed picture of your character, put it in your profile.

School uniforms are a part of a dress code. Of course you may choose to change it, but if you're caught by a strict teacher your character will be punished. Also, you may change your characters clothes for occasions (like a dance/ball).

How many characters am I allowed to create?
One. Only one per account. People have asked before if they can make multiple accounts. Before it has been prohibited, but now I'll say only if you think you can handle it. Don't blame me if you have to face consequences for it.

Why isn't my dorm/class/Idon'tknow created yet?! I've looked for it everywhere!
Sorry, this is probably my fault. Just PM me if your dorm hasn't been created within three days your Completed Character form has been approved.

Character Rights

So wait, my character is allowed to have sex, and my student can hook up with a teacher?
Yeah. Do note that it's still looked down upon, but you won't be expelled/arrested for such a thing.

But no cursing.
If your teacher disapproves of it, no cursing. Strange, I know, but rules are rules.

Are fights allowed?
Well of course fights are against the school rules, but in roleplaying terms yes your characters are allowed to fight each other. Please do not use powerplay (controlling another character's actions) or godmoding (hitting a character without their permission) while in a fight. Also, your character will face consequences if they are caught.

Are students allowed to form clubs?
Yes, if the club is appropriate, approved by an admin, supervised by a teacher, and has at least four members (including the president/founder, excluding the teacher).

Can my students own pets?
Yes, they can, but their pets must be house-trained. If they are considered a major problem, they will be taken away.

If any other questions come to my attention, I will add them here.
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