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 Elizabeth Luvly :: Student

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Elizabeth Luvly


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PostSubject: Elizabeth Luvly :: Student   Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:47 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Elizabeth Luvly
Age/Grade: 15/freshman
Gender: Female
Height: 1m68
Weight: 57kg
Appearance: Elizabeth is a natural beauty, with long blond hair and green angelic eyes. She looks older then she is, mainly because of her curvy figure. Since her breasts have been growing over the summer, she’s quite nervous about going to a new school. In her old school she already got teased because of her cup size. Always laughing, she seems to be a very happy person, but in reality she’s really uncertain about herself. Not because of her looks, obviously, but because her looks are all she has got.


Sexuality: Straight. She hasn’t got any experience yet, except for some kissing with her last “boyfriend”. Sometimes she acts quite sexually, but she’s not aware of this yet.
Preferences: While she gets turned on by guys who clearly get turned on by her, she tends to fall in love with the guy that just wants to be friends with her.
Likes: Her biggest hobby is acting, because this is something she’s actually good at. Because of all the vocal lessons she’s had, she’s also quite good at singing, but nowadays she only does that in school plays. When she was a kid she had some ballet lessons too, but she doesn’t take them anymore. Furthermore she really likes some adventure. A boring life is nothing for her, she needs to get some thrill out of it.
Dislikes: If there is anything Elizabeth really hates, it’s girly talk. Even though she tends to wear designer clothes in her free time, she doesn’t like to talk about boys and make-up and stuff like that.

Back story:
History: Ever since she was little, Elizabeth has been kind of a tomboy. She thought the boys were more fun to play with as the guys, because they would climb up trees and do other exciting things, while the girls were playing with their dolls.
When she was 11, the boys began to act strangely around her because she was the first of her class to get breasts. Suddenly they wanted to kiss her in stead of to wrestle with her, and she didn’t want to do this just yet. This made her loose all her friends.
By the time she was 13, she got the hang of it and let one of the boys be her “boyfriend”. After this, she had one boyfriend after the other.
In the summer before high school, her father got a new job. This job required him to travel much, so Elizabeth got sent to boarding school.
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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Luvly :: Student   Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:43 pm

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Elizabeth Luvly :: Student
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