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 Forced Profit. . . (Open).

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Chelsea Night


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PostSubject: Forced Profit. . . (Open).   Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:57 pm

Chelsea was hiding in the shadows of the alley. She was always so quiet at WHA that no one would have ever suspected her secret.
Her father was released from jail a year ago. He'd been covertly following her to each foster home she was put into. She could remember the day he finally approched her, about six months ago.

She was making her way to the door of a high school in Georgia, when someone called her name from the other side of the building. She walked around the corner and someone grabbed her throat, clamped a hand over her mouth and slammed her back against the wall. "I'm going to let go of you. When I do, you better not run." She knew that voice. . . When she looked up, her father was staring back at her with hate - filled, soul piercing eyes.
"Dad, what are you doing here?" Chelsea choked out when he let go of her mouth and throat.
"I have a propasition for you." he replied deviously. "Since I've been out of prision I've started a fairly profitable buisiness. I was hoping you would assist me as a . . . Sales Associate."
"What do you mean sales associate?"
"You are such an idiot. I'm dealing drugs now, and you are gonna sale them to all your little classmates for me"
"And why would I do that?"
"Because if you don't, I'll slit your throat right here and now." he said pressing a switch blade against her neck.

Since then, she's been selling drugs for her father. She was fearful that someone would find her and that she would be expelled from WHA. She had tried on several occasions to ignore her father, and in turn he would beat her so bad that she could not move for two or three days.

Even though she hated dealing, she did enjoy watching people in the alley. Even students from WHA that people believed were innocent kids would secretly come out here and buy drugs, or participate in illeagal fights.
Chelsea wished she could run away, but she knew her father had someone watching her; so, she stayed in the shadows and continued her job, unable to escape.
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Forced Profit. . . (Open).
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