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 Cyuria's Skills

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PostSubject: Cyuria's Skills   Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:12 pm

Name: Singing

Ability: she is an Amazing singer.she always hits the notes just right and everyone wants her to be a singer,It made her more popular in middle school,but in high school (Since she went goth) everyone thought she was weird and stayed away from her.

History:Mostly genetic,She never had lessons...But she sang herself to sleep for many years so she wouldn't cry instead.


Name:Playing the Guitar

Ability:She is a very good guitar player and can read sheet music or someone can just tell her the notes and she can play. She was in a band in middle school,but the band broke up after a few weeks. Not many people know she can play that well,so it has no affect on her popularity.

History: She learned to play it herself,to fill the time between school and sleeping.



Ability:she was on the swim team at her old high school and it made her popular,And it helped her to get a boyfriend in her little swim suits. She is a Fairly good swimmer.

History: She had to take a sport in school and chose swimming,She used to swim in the lake near her house all day in the summer,and developed a talent for it.


Name:Playing Piano

Ability:does nothing to her popularity,She is an OK piano player but not REALLY good or anything.

History: Her family is naturally talented at muscial arts,Her gandmother was a singer and a concert pianist.She was forced to take lesson when she was 6 by her mother.

(Please Approve!)
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Cyra Redfield


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PostSubject: Re: Cyuria's Skills   Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:45 am

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Cyuria's Skills
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