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 Zack Lancasters Talents

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Zack Lancaster
Zack Lancaster

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PostSubject: Zack Lancasters Talents   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:28 am

Name: Acting

Ability: Zack can act out any scene you need and be any character you request.

History: Every since grade school Zack has been an actor. He acted up in class and enjoyed being the comedian of the school. In high school he took acting courses and became a natural. He graduated from high school and was given a contract to act. Zack had been a professional actor for ten years and now teaches it to students in high school.


Name: Electric Guitar/Guitar

Ability: Zack can play any song you want on his electric guitar or guitar but prefers to create his own works of art.

History: Upon acting as his main career Zack picked up the electric guitar to strum and play songs into the long silent nights. Zack is very open about his music and welcomes constructive criticism however the people that mostly complained were his boss and fellow actors. Zack left acting and became a teacher but he never gave up his talent for playing. At the beginning of teaching school he had bought a regular guitar to go along side his electric.


Name: Singing and Dancing

Ability: Zack can sing and dance like no other, he says his idol is Micheal Jackson for his famous dance moves, which Zack was able to master, and his songs which Zack finds to be amazing if you actually listen to the lyrics.

History: When he became a actor Zack had to immidately put himself in classes for dancing and singing as he wanted to play any part for any play or movie. His teacher was actually the great Micheal Jackson himself and quickly he and Micheal became good friends. After a few years of lessons Zack managed to perfect dancing to any style of music and his voice is the perfect pitch giving him the starring role most of the time.

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Jace Cullen

Jace Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Zack Lancasters Talents   Sat Aug 29, 2009 9:08 pm

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Zack Lancasters Talents
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