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 Guitars, Sitars, and Other Fun Things (Open)

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Richard Diagon


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PostSubject: Guitars, Sitars, and Other Fun Things (Open)   Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:28 am

Richard was officially sold: this was his favorite place in town. The vast selection of music and instruments impressed him. As for the music, it seemed to have everything from the mainstream to the independent. The instruments seemed just as varied. Already he had spent an hour just looking at the CD's. He had a couple sitting on the bench next to him, both techno compilations. He couldn't wait to go home, pop them in his CD player, and have his own personal rave. Maybe I should invite some people. After all, raves are supposed to happen with large groups...Eh, I'll probably just end up writing while I listen to it.

Right now, Richard was strumming an acoustic guitar. It was a beautiful piece of work, apparently made out of redwood trees. Its sound was crisp and clear, each and every note and chord played sounded like it was the epitome of that note or chord. He wanted it, bad. But the price was too far out of his budget. Looks like he would have to be patient and begin saving his money. It would take a fair amount of time yes, but in the end he knew that it would be worth it. This guitar could give him the power to impress any girl he wanted. His mind wandered for a moment, imagining himself in a large stadium filled with just women chanting his name while he played. Yeah, like that could ever happen, he thought, returning to strumming the guitar.

"Layla. You've got me on my knees, Layla," he began to quietly sing to himself.
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Guitars, Sitars, and Other Fun Things (Open)
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