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 Mikazuki Shizuoka: Student

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PostSubject: Mikazuki Shizuoka: Student   Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:26 pm

Name: Mikazuki Love Shizuoka
Age/Grade: 14/Sophomore
Her Grading: 13-14=Freshman, 14-15=Sophomore, 15-16=Junior, 16-17=Senior (she will graduate at 17)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 103 pounds
Appearance: She has blue hair that goes below her waist. Half of the time she wears it up and half of the time she wears it down. She has really pretty golden eyes. She is average height and is skinny. She looks like the type of person that you can easily get along with. She has light, smooth skin.
Sexuality: Mikazuki or Mika as her friends call her is a virgin. She has never had any experience in any sexual activities and will not unless she finds her soulmate.
Preferences: Mika is straight and prefers a cute, book smart, street smart, funny man around her age.
Dislikes: Raisins, Grouchy People, Her biological mother, Sister, And father, Liars, Cheaters, People who only care about appearance, Guys who think they can get any girl they want, Girls who think they run everything, When people are spoiled rotten
Likes: Her dog, Cooking, Her foster parents, Her bedroom, Her laptop, Skirts, The color red, Her cellphone, and the language and country of japan.
History/Family: Mikazuki was born into a family that had a mother, father and a sister that was five years older. The family was poor and couldn't afford another child so to them Mikazuki was an unwanted child. As she grew her father began coming home drunk and angry, he would get mad at her mother and she would in turn take it out on Mikazuki. Soon enough her older sister began to pick up on this and turned against her also, in an attempt to gain their mother's favor. Things grew gradually worse and by age four the physical violence had rose to new heights the defining point was when her sister held hot coals left over from a bonfire the night before on her arm simply because Mikazuki wouldn't stop crying. this resulted in a 2nd degree burn on the inside of her left wrist. Her shrieks were loud enough to be heard by a neighbor who finally called for help.

That day she was taken out of the care of her parents and moved to a foster home. Her new family gave her up soon enough when she wouldn’t open up about what her past family did to her. When she did tell them they called her a liar and said she was sneaky and could not be trusted. Soon she was sent to another family and another and another. Her life continued like this, with more and more accusations being thrown around with each new location. There was times when she would cry herself to sleep at night.

She ran away at the age of ten, sick of all the lies, drama and constant moving. She left with nothing but a small shoulder bag with a few items of clothing and a small amount of money. She passed out on her long journey and woke up in a house. The house was large it could be considered a mansion. The family claimed they had found her asleep on the street and took her in. Soon her actual foster parents gave her up and she was able to live with the family that found her legally. She took their last name, Shizuoka. The family was very known and did not have any children but they did have one dog (a yorkshire terrier). When picking out schools Mika really wanted to go to Whisper Hallow Academy so she was sent there. Her foster parents visit her every other weekend
Job Preference: Mika wants to be a chef or restaurant owner and loves to cook for her friends and family. She pours her heart out into her food.
She has a job at a local cafe as a dishwasher hoping to get promoted

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PostSubject: Re: Mikazuki Shizuoka: Student   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:57 pm

It'd be nice if you do your avatar like how everyone else does (tektek format). Besides that, though, wonderful profile! Approved
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PostSubject: Re: Mikazuki Shizuoka: Student   Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:38 pm

birthday was 10-12
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PostSubject: Re: Mikazuki Shizuoka: Student   

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Mikazuki Shizuoka: Student
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